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About Rebecca

One of my earliest memories is sitting at the kitchen table watching my mother paint and asking her for my own paintbrush. I wanted to major in art but my father insisted that I have a career that I could, “fall back on”. So, with regret,  I put my paintbrush down to pursue a totally different path. I became an ER nurse. In addition to being a nurse, I became the mother of five amazing boys. Needless to say, that kept my hand free of the elusive paintbrush for many more years. Once I finally picked it back up in my late 30’s, I haven't put it down since. 


For 10 years, I was blessed to call New Orleans home. The “Elegance and Decadence” of that city is in my blood and in my art. Just as the beautiful buildings in the French Quarter have layer upon layer of patina, my work encompasses layer upon layer of texture.  I achieve this through the use of multiple mediums. I use oil, acrylic, inks, dirt, sand,  shoe polish, and just about anything I can get my hands on. I build layers then take them away to create a painting that feels whole. My ultimate goal is to elicit a visceral response from the viewer. To communicate where words fail. Every painting is a new adventure, always ending somewhere far from where it began.

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